Travelodge worker slams hotel guests as ‘animals’ after room left in horrendous state

A Travelodge room attendant exposed the horrific state some hotel guests left their room after checking out.

Syma H posted a video on TikTok, filming the hotel room in question, saying that the people who left it that way were “animals”.

In the video, there were cigarette boxes and rubbish strewn across the floor, as well as a discarded wig and dirt in the sink.

Not only that, the toilet was also left unflushed.

In text accompanying the video, the social media user wrote: “What I see as a Travelodge worker. If you leave your room like this you are an animal.”

Syma’s video has so far gained 33,000 likes and even more views.

Users are shocked at what some hotel workers have to contend with on a daily basis.

Many agreed with Syma’s assessment that the guests in question were “animals”.

One user commented: “Oh my god, that makes me so so mad and so sick to the stomach.

“I really feel for you guys, we always try and clean up after ourselves and our kids.”

“I don’t get how people were raised to be like this,” another said.

A third wrote, “Such disrespect.”

Many said they would be “scared” to leave even a “crisp” or a towel on the ground when leaving a hotel room.

Others said that the guests should be charged a clean-up fee on their credit card for the extra effort that Syma and her colleagues would have to go to to get the room cleaned up.

Travelodges are known for being a budget-friendly hotel chain across the UK, and some in the comments suggested that it’s expected for guests to treat it with more disrespect than they would a five-star hotel.

One person even told Syma that she should have been doing her job instead of filming the room to put on TikTok, implying that it was an invasion of privacy.